The Mood Weather Report Hack – Another attempt

Here we are finding ways to hack The Mood Weather Report Facebook application and to user locked moods.

Those steps from the article I wrote some time ago doesn’t seem to work anymore. So I tried to find another way to hack The Mood Weather Report.

I see there are people interested in finding cheats for The Mood Weather Report, or finding hacks, or to freely unlock all moods, so I have another trick on how to use any locked mood and not wait until it gets unlocked by itself.

I decided not to put the hack right here because the developers of that app will see it and will patch the app. So if you are interested, leave a comment here and I’ll post the hack.


  1. Am văzut întâi postarea veche şi am lăsat comentariu :)).
    Acum am citit asta şi daa, vrem, învaţăneee :o3

  2. where will you post the hack . I dont understand . do you want an mail adress so u could send it or what , anyway i look forword hearing from you . thank you for your work .

  3. I know your last post was worked….
    but not anymore as their patch it….
    I hope you can PM me…
    Alright….Thanks YOU…

  4. I’m looking for the picture addresses from the packs.
    I don’t need to publish it to my wall, just donwload them.
    Can someone help me where to find these picture links?

  5. cherry demafeliz:

    hi nice to know u are finding ways to unlock the mood weather in FB…i am very much interested in knowing how to hack it..if u could share it with me it would be much appreciated…thnks …

  6. Daca poti sa-mi trimiti si mie. Mai aveam 50 de dinalea de unlock si acuma am peste 200 nu inteleg…

  7. Please share with me… Please send me the steps. Thank you very much and i will appreciate it if you could do that.

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